Mumine CoolFit™ is the latest addition to our Super Fabrics. 

Our fabrics are treated with HeiQ Smart Temp, an Innovative technology from Swiss Tech company HeiQ. The intelligent thermoregulation of the fabric is triggered by your body heat. The cooling function is activated when you’re feeling hot and sweaty, and thanks to an antibacterial coating embedded in its fibers, the fabrics’ technology reduces the growth of bacteria which prevents your activewear from smelling bad. 

Innovative hydro-functional polymers developed by HeiQ provide a unique responsive material that changes its properties in response to temperature, dynamically evaporating moisture to complement the skin’s natural ability to regulate body temperature for a continuous cooling effect.

When you’re feeling hot, it supplies heat and sweat which is used by the fabric to achieve prolonged cooling. When your body heat lowers, the level of sweat is reduced and the cooling effect of the fabric adapts. The fabric makes you feel cooler up to 2.5°C/4.5°F.

Independently tested as safe for the skin – Blue sign approved and OEKO-tex conform.

Bluesign approved     

Oeko-tex certified