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Our CoolFit™ fabric is the latest addition to our super fabrics. 

Our fabrics are treated with HeiQ Smart Temp, an Innovative technology from Swiss Tech company HeiQ. The intelligent thermoregulation of the fabric is triggered by your body heat and the cooling function is activated when you’re feeling hot and sweaty. Thanks to an antibacterial coating embedded in its fibers, the fabrics’ technology reduces the growth of bacteria which prevents your activewear from smelling bad. And above all that, the fabric feels super soft to your skin.

Moisturewicking Moisture-wicking   Quick-drying Quick-dry     Antibacterial     Cooling     Odour resistant



Our signature fabric. A high-performance 4- way stretch fabric with moisture management. Quick-dry, sweat-wicking, lightweight and breathable are the basic properties of this lightweight fabric.

Breathable Breathable   Quick-dryingQuick-drying   Moisturewicking Moisture-wicking   lightweight fabricLightweight


PiqM™ is a hydrophilic medium weight Piqué knit from Swiss manufacturer Eschler. The fabric is antibacterial with Quick-drying, sweat-wicking and breathable features. The fabric contains small textured holes to reduce sweaty stains when working out. 

Breathable Breathable   Quick-dryingQuick-drying   Moisturewicking Moisture-wicking   anti bacterial Anti-bacterial   structured fabric Structured fabric


Meryl® is the latest innovation from the European nylon manufacturer Nylstar. This luxurious fabric has been used in many sportswear brands around the globe. With its excellent moisture management, Meryl® dries 3x times faster than cotton. With a soft touch, it feels like a second skin to the wearer and surpasses silk much more. This fabric offers high UV- protection and great shape retention. Meryl® yarns naturally inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria in textiles and have anti-static properties that prevent the discomfort of static charge and unsightly 'clingy' garments. 

Breathable Breathable   Quick-dryingQuick-drying   Moisturewicking Moisture-wicking   anti bacterial Anti-bacterial   UV- protection UV-Protection   lightweight fabricLightweight


Our Energize™ fabric is made of a soft touch polyester blend with added Lycra®. It's a fast drying, breathable and moisture-wicking fabric. It feels super soft and is lightweight. This fabric is often used in Yoga- and fitness apparel.

Breathable Breathable   Quick-dryingQuick-drying   Moisturewicking Moisture-wicking   anti bacterial Anti-bacterial   lightweight fabricLightweight


Our Essence fabric is one that belongs to our Naturals Collection. Essence™ is made of a blend of Viscose and Lycra® and is a highly durable and breathable fabric.This fabric will stay vibrant and colorfast wash after wash. Viscose is not a full natural fabric nor is it artificial. It's made of purified cellulose and produced from specially processed recycled wood pulp. Viscose has a soft cottony or silky feeling and is skin-friendly. We use this fabric in two weights, Medium lightweight, and Super lightweight.

Breathable Breathable   Organic fabric Organic fabric made of recycled wood pulp   Lightweight fabricLightweight


Brushed Lycra®
A thermal stretch fabric with a soft brushed face. It's wicking properties help maintain a comfortable microclimate for the body. Reduces both chilling and overheating which is a risk factor for dehydration.

Breathable Breathable   Quick-dryingQuick-drying   Moisturewicking Moisture-wicking   double knit fabric Brushed inside


Power Mesh is a lightweight, soft, breathable but sturdy fabric. It is soft to touch, very stretchy, comfortable and breathable. The PowerMesh-teck™ is double knitted which makes it not sheer.

Breathable Breathable   Quick-dryingQuick-drying   Moisturewicking Moisture-wicking   Ventilating 


A breathable heavyweight double knit fabric with a soft but sturdy feel. Feels soft to the skin

breathable fabric breathable   double knit fabric Double knitted  


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