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About us

Who is Mu'mine™?

Mu'mine (Moeh-mien) is created to enable women to get more active without compromising their beliefs. We felt the need for hijabi's (women who wear the headscarf) wanting to participate in an active lifestyle but felt left out due to the lack of proper available modest sportswear.

We believe everyone should be allowed to practice sports, that's why we wanted to change the face of sports for muslim women. Established in 2015, we created modest sportswear made with functional fabrics and because we knew all to well that women who cover while doing sports have to deal with high temperature and excess fabrics, we traveled across the globe in search for the most advanced and functional fabrics.

The Mesh Collection

We designed the Mesh Collection to empower women to engage in more high impact sports. The Mesh panels, which are non- see through, have the ability to give more breathability on strategically placed areas, such as armpits, sides and back.

Women are held back because of the heat they have to endure during work outs in clothes that are non- breathable and too warm for sports. The mesh panels are the perfect solution to help women who dress modest or women with hijab stay extra cool and dry while doing what they love without being held back.



We use a wide variety of fabrics with Quick-drying, Moisture management and breathable properties. Our signature fabric is M-teck™, a 4- way stretch fabric which is Quick-drying, breathable and has moisture-wicking properties as a few of it's properties.


We use a non- see through power mesh on places where you need it most to keep you extra cool and dry while maintaining your modesty.

Fabric search & ethical resources

All clothes we wear tell a story. We find it important to know where our clothes comes from. We're aware that most of the active wear industry is made in third world countries where people work in poor environment and working conditions. We think fair and honest clothing starts with ethical clothing, therefore we chose to partner up with manufacturers who give their workers honest wages and guard safe working conditions.

We partly take production into our own hands in our atelier in Belgium so that we have most of the control over our production process and ensure the quality of our products.

We traveled around the world to find the most advanced functional fabrics to give you the most easy and breezy workout. We partner up with sports fabric companies in Europe to provide us the most advanced functional & technical fabrics in the industry and guarantee the best quality. Our fabric production chain goes from the Netherlands to the UK to Poland.

Because high-performance fabrics ensures your mind is on your workout and not on the clothes you wear, we design active wear that is feminine and on trend with the latest technology, keeping in mind that sustainability, ethical clothing and YOU are our top priorities. 

Live the experience of comfort and performance & free your skills without compromising on your beliefs.