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My favourite foods post workout!

My favourite foods post workout!

My favorite foods for post-workout!


You've finished your workout; go girl! An important thing to remember though is that your body needs fuel after a workout. Eating after a workout is important because within 45-60 minutes afterwards your body is most responsive to absorbing carbohydrates and protein, which helps with repairing and building the muscles! In today's blog post I'm going to list my five favorite foods to eat after a workout.


1. Greek Yogurt - Yogurt is loaded with complex carbs and proteins


2. Fruit Salad - Fruits have a lot of carbs, antioxidants, and enzymes


3. Tuna and crackers - Gives you grains and protein


4. High protein oats - This is my favorite complex carbohydrate post workout


5. Eggs - Organic eggs are my favorite because the're easy to make and very high in protein -- plus they keep you full longer!


I hope you guys incorporate these foods after your workout!


Until next time, Medina!



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