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Foods for long- lasting energy

Foods for long- lasting energy

It's almost Ramadan so you know what that means! You need to make sure to eat a good breakfast during Suhoor to keep you energized, especially during the long summer days. Here are my three top foods that you can eat to give you an extra boost of energy throughout the day.

1. Oatmeal

Oatmeal takes the cake! Oats are packed with protein and complex carbs and since it takes longer to digest complex carbs, it helps keep you energized.*Try to avoid instant oatmeal packs because they're paced with sugar and sugar makes you dehydrated.


2. Eggs

Eggs are packed with protein and can help you keep full throughout the day. *Try putting veggies on the side for an extra energy booster.


3. Greek Yogurt

If you woke up late and you're rushing to get in your Fajr prayer, don't worry! Yogurt topped with mixed berries is the best to go with because yogurt is packed with protein while berries are packed with healthy sugar that will give you energy throughout the day.

Hope you enjoy! Until next time!!


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