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How to Make Exercise a Habit (Tips for Starting and Sticking to It)

by Meryem V on Nov 13, 2021

How to Make Exercise a Habit (Tips for Starting and Sticking to It)

Making exercise the enjoyable part of your daily life is easier than you may think. These tips show you how.

So, what secret keeps you exercising?

You probably know that there are so many reasons you need to do some exercise. To emphasize, more exercise improves your body’s energy, improves sleep and moods (not a lie!), and also reduces anxiety, stress, and depression. Making exercise your habit, you need a smart approach with the right mindset.


How to make exercise your daily habit?

  •         Set a time for the exercise. Whether you will do it in the morning hours, lunchtime, or in the evening, stick to the time set. It will become a part of your daily routine.
  •         Send a reminder to yourself. When you get a reminder you are more motivated to get that exercise done for the day.
  •         Start with a small exercise that you find motivating. I love Pilates for example. choose your own exercise you love and it will be easier to maintain that routine.
  •         Increase intensity of the exercise progressively. Don't go all overboard at first. Start with small steps.
  •         Make the exercise pleasurable. I said it before. DO SOMETHING YOU LOVE.
  •          Choose a workout wardrobe that makes you feel confident. 
  •         Don’t skip even a day. Okay, you can skip a day. You just need to stay consistent.


There is no other magical way to make exercise your habit. The above tips will guide you through thick and thin until you are used to your exercise program.